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Meet Crafted Collection

Crafted is an online boutique specializing in exclusive and on-trend party ware with an option for perfectly curated party packages. Our sources are collected from all around the world, giving us a truly unique and charming take on celebrations. Simply put, we create the best parties.

My name is Jackie Gregor. Welcome to my dream world. A world where I get to use my creativity to help you execute your party vision.

Crafted began in 2019. Welllllll.......actually, the idea began 11 years ago when I started planning my oldest daughters 1st birthday. Fast forward to now, three daughters in, several dozen parties later, an enthusiastic husband that now asks the theme of each party so he can dress accordingly, and a passion for throwing perfectly curated parties that just seems to grow stronger and stronger.....Crafted is officially born! We are starting as an online boutique, but even bigger things are in store that I cannot wait to share...stay tuned!

My goal is to make this easy for you because this is what I was meant to do. I love to create, but not everyone does. Have a vision for your celebration, but are’t sure where to start planning? Let me make the process easy for you. Together, we will craft memories to last a lifetime.

With love,

Jackie Gregor